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15 Free Crochet Watermelon Patterns

With Memorial Day just a few days away it is time to start preparing for the dog days of summer. It gets super hot down here in the South, and one way to beat the heat is with a cool slice of watermelon.

I've compiled 15 super cute and totally FREE crochet watermelon patterns to get you ready for summer fun!

Don't know how to crochet yet? Why not check out a crochet course on Creativelive or Craftsy? Creativelive offers weekly FREE live online classes and Craftsy offers several beginner crochet courses.

1. Watermelon Bunting

2. So Juicy!

Summer Concert Style: Guns N Roses

Summer is almost here and that means hotter days, BBQs, and summer concerts! Last year I was fortunate to see some awesome live outdoor concerts, including Pat Benatar, Rick Springfield, Night Ranger, and Melissa Etheridge. Even though I am tightening my purse strings this year I'm hoping to be able to take in a summer concert, or two.

One concert I really wanted to see was Guns N Roses. Growing up in the '80s I was a huge GNR fan and I still am. Appetite for Destruction is still one of my all-time favorite records. Unfortunately, our concert here in NC is already sold out, so I guess I'll have to settle for rocking to them on my iPod.

I made this fun GNR set on Polyvore today. Have you ever used Polyvore to make compilation sets for your blog? It is totally free, really fun, and really easy. I have been using it off and on for a few years, but when I watched Megan Auman's latest Blogging to Sell Your Products course on CreativeLive last week I was reintroduced to the magic that is Polyvore.

You can find me on Polyvore under Craftingwithcathair and see some of my other sets, here.

//  jeans  //  GNR shirt  //  yellow converse  //  red bandana  //  black bracelet  // GNR guitar picks //

What's Happening Wednesday: Unicorn Washcloth

It has been quite some time since I've joined the Yarn Along and Hookin on Hump Day. *Update* Well, I guess it really has been a long time since the Yarn Along is no longer active. :( Too bad! I really enjoyed seeing everyone's knitting and crocheting projects. I guess we'll change this to What's Happening Wednesday.

I really haven't done much crocheting lately, but I'm hoping that will change now that I've cleaned out my craft room and located a lot of my yarn.

Reading This Week 

I am reading The Spender's Guide to Debt-Free Living. After my difficult financial start to 2017, I am putting myself on a super strict budget. Something I will get into a little more over the next few weeks. This is just one of eight books I checked out from the library on the subject.

I am only about 40 pages into the book but I've already learned so much. Instead of rushing through the book I am really going step by step throughout each chapter. I'm also making notes and flagging the sections I need to really focus on.
I am currently at the point in the book where I have to decide on my debt pledge. It is a huge step in the process of the book, but one that you really can't skip over. I'll be blogging about my debt pledge in the next week or so. If all goes according to the plan, it should be a life-changing decision.


I wanted to start with a smaller project to help kick start my crocheting again. I chose the super cute Unicorn Washcloth pattern by And She Laughs. I love washcloth and potholder patterns and I've made my fair share of them in the past. Not only are they super quick to crochet they are usually super cute too.

This pattern was a particularly simple and fun project. I whipped it up the other night while I was catching up on my Prison Break episodes. Prison Break and unicorns? Now that's something you usually don't hear in the same sentence.

While I loved the pattern as it was written, I didn't follow it completely. I kept it pretty simple. I crocheted the head with Lily Sugar 'N Cream Yarn, White and Lion Brand Yarn Vanna's Choice Yarn, Pink for the horn and cheeks, both from my stash. I then cut out some felt eyelashes and glued them on with some crafter's glue. 

Growing up in the '80s I loved unicorns! I had them on everything. I'm so happy to see such a resurgence of unicorn products and crafts for a new generation to enjoy.

20 DIY Jute Projects

While I was purging my house a few weeks ago I found several rolls of jute twine. I don't really remember why I bought them. It might have been to redo the posts on the cat condo, but I just ordered some new posts because I was lazy. So now I need to figure out something to make with these rolls of jute twine.

In my search, I found 20 amazing DIY jute home projects that anyone can make.