Craft Contests are Cool

I've been neglecting my Christmas presents lately to work on some crafts for contests. Here are a few I've finished:

Two Peas in a Pod

Crocheted birthday cake with felt candles

The great news is both of these are finalists in Indie Fixx's Craft-Off contest. Yea! The rule was to incorporate the number two somehow in the entry. I think I accomplished that, plus my felt candles are the colors of Indie Fixx's website.

There are some really cool prizes, like a year subscription to Craft magazine (I really want that). Please consider casting your vote for one of my items (voting is open until September 15). My entries are crocheted birthday cake and felt candles #5 & two peas in a pod #11. I would really appreciate it if you would vote for me, here.

Everytime I hear the saying, "Vote for me" I think of the Golden Girls. I don't remember what episode it was, but Dorothy was telling a story about a kid in school who was running for student council. She said his slogan was, "Vote for me and I'll show you my wee wee. . . He won by a landslide." That is too funny!

Here's a blast from the past. My very first crafty win in Dabbled's Anti-Valentine's Day contest:

Poison tea and scary cookies

I think I need to refrain from entering anymore contests until the new year. Yeah, we'll see how that pans out.

Also, I am working on a really fun, pop culture inspired "step by step" tutorial that will be featured this Friday. So hang tough, and check back on Friday!

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