Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go

I put away the Photoshop for a few minutes and worked on a fun little project.

In honor of the Steelers first regular season game this Sunday against the Texans, I have started using my little Steelers pincushion I made last year for the pincushion challenge.

This year I have made little footballs for every team the Steelers play:

Texans - red & blue
Browns - brown & orange (2)
Eagles - green & white
Ravens - purple & yellow (2)
Jaguars - teal & yellow
Bengals - orange & black (2)
Giants - white & red
Redskins - maroon & yellow
Colts - white & blue
Chargers - blue & yellow
Patriots - white, blue, & red
Cowboys - navy & white
Titans - light blue & red

One thing I realized while cutting sixteen mini felt footballs was so many teams use the same colors. Look at all the teams with red, white, and blue colors. It is amazing they don't get confusing.

So, for every win we get, that team's football will be pushed into the pincushion. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is full of all of the pins by the end of the season, but I know that is almost impossible. I'll settle for any ten, plus the New England Patriots. . . okay and maybe the Bengals, Ravens, Cowboys, and Browns too!

Go Black and Gold!!!

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