Pirates are cool!

September 19, 2008

Avast ye Hearties! Har it is, me completed potholder. Gar!

No, I haven't completely lost my mind, well not completely! Do you know what today is? It is talk like a pirate day. Amazing that there is an actual day for talking like a pirate. Who knew? 

I was going to try and write this post totally in pirate talk, but found out that it is really hard to talk pirate. Aye, it ain't easy bein' a pirate. But, I did come across a website where you can have your phrases translated into pirate talk. You can find it on the "talk like a pirate day" site. It is pretty funny. 

So enjoy talkin' like a pirate today, though I'm not so sure I'd do it in public. Aye, Ye might end up lookin' like a scurvy dog!

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  1. Arrrrrrrrrrrr - I could give ya some cat hair fer yer craftin' pleasure. May your poop deck always be clean! No, I'm not normally this silly! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!


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