Halloween Present

The fifth day of Three Peas in a Pod's Fall Extravaganza focuses on "Halloween Present". Here are all of the Halloween projects I have worked on this month for Halloween!

Halloween crafts

1. Mummy Monkey, 2. Crocheted Candy, 3. I Got Rocks!, 4. Arsenic cup cozy, 5. Bookshelf w/ Nancy Drew bookcover, 6. Halloween Tea Cookie Set, 7. Black rose crocheted pin, 8. Pick Your Poison Tea Set, 9. "Something for your sweet tooth!"

I also made this simple Halloween lunch last Sunday. 

I had a pumpkin grilled cheese sandwich, beetles and maggots (black beans and rice), and a few black cat cookies. If you want to try the grilled cheese sandwich I suggest using older bread (it is harder and makes it easier to cut) or a really sharp knife (so watch the kids).

Happy Halloween!

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