I Deserve A Break Today

October 01, 2008

Whew! What a crazy couple of weeks. But after many long craft-filled days (and nights), the shops are finally back open. Hallelujah!!!

I still have several items that I'm working on that didn't make the deadline, but overall I am happy with the items I got finished. I am especially excited about my new tea party snack set.

I will be adding more themed tea party snack sets to the shop over the next couple of months, but this is my very first one, just in time for Halloween:

Pick Your Poison snack set

This limited edition Halloween snack set comes complete with a crocheted "Deadly Nightshade" poison berry tart, felt poison lollipop, felt poison tea bag, and crocheted black tea cup.  

I am working on one for Christmas next. I have been chosen by my NCTriangle Etsy team as one of five featured stores for a huge Christmas giveaway that will take place the first week of December on our blog.  I think I'll be giving away a Christmas snack set and maybe a few cookies too.

I was such the crocheting fool this past month that I finished a few items for my crochet shop too. I fell in love with this one:

I almost kept it for myself. Go Steelers!!! Thank you for that nail biting win on Monday night. Boy did we need that one!

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