Is this my only fall craft?

I missed the last two days of Three Peas in a Pod's Fall Extravaganza, oops! Today's theme is fall crafts. 

Since this is primarily a craft blog, I figured I had something fall related that I had worked on in the past that I could share. After looking through all of my pictures and crafts, I realized I didn't. Apparently, I skip from Halloween to Christmas with no fall crafts. That is not cool. I'll try to change that next month and make a few fall related crafts.

In any case, I found a pillow I did a few years ago when I was a newbie to crafts. It was really easy to make, but please bear with me as these directions are from memory!

1. Cut two pieces of fall fabric 14 x 14 inches, a little heart out of fall fabric, and a black cat out of contrasting fabric. 

2. Hand stitch the black cat onto one piece of fall fabric, leaving about an inch and a half from right side and bottom of fabric.

3. Hand stitch heart and two button eyes on black cat.

4. Using a running stitch, hand stitch around the pillow starting below the black cat and leaving about an inch and a half of fabric around entire pillow. Stuff with polyfil as you work around the pillow.

That's it! You can really make this pillow with any fall item you'd like by replacing the black cat with a fall leaf or scarecrow. I have a little black cat, so that is why I chose the cat.

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  1. I love it!! That's somthing I could show my daughter how to make. She has inherited my old machine!