Christmas is coming!

November 06, 2008

Who needs some good news? I know I do! Well, here it is. . . Christmas is only 49 days away!!! This actually might not be good news for some people, but I am very excited.

I spent half of the day at the mall this past Saturday, not on purpose but because I had to get my car fixed. Who knew it took five hours to change a light bulb? Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Christmas music in the stores. I love Christmas music. I think the radio stations should play it all year round.

I am very happy that I am almost completely done buying my Christmas presents; I actually got started in February. Now my handmade gifts, that is another story. I am only about 30% done with all of my crafts. The more I look forward to Christmas, the more I get heart palpitations worrying that these handmade gifts are not going to be finished. Anyone else feel this way?

I figure we can all use a little Christmas music to get us in the Christmas spirit. Plus, it might inspire me to get cracking on my handmade items. 

Enjoy! I love this song and the '80s!

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  1. I'm totally inspired by you almost being done!!!

  2. Wow, does that video bring back memories! The clothes, the hair, the makeup - it's so deliciously awful.


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