No money, no problem

November 14, 2008

Sometimes having no money can have its advantages, take this weekend for example. I don't get paid until Monday, so that means no early Christmas shopping or any other kind of shopping for that matter. But, it will give me time to spend indoors, working on my many Christmas craft projects and my family cookbook. 

My goal is to have the majority of my handmade items and my cookbook finished by the Steelers game Sunday afternoon, because you know I can't craft and concentrate on the game at the same time. Oh, and I'll be putting up my Christmas tree too! So much for fall crafts. 

If you're looking for some handmade Christmas present ideas, swing on by Sew Mama Sew and One Pretty Thing. Both blogs are offering many free handmade patterns and tutorials just in time for Christmas. 

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  1. Hiya! I zipped over here from AllOver Art's blog and just wanted to say hello. :) Your blog is great. Hope you get as much done as you want this weekend...I'd like to be shopping myself.

  2. Aww thanks SO much for the mention! I'm so excited to see such a focus on handmade gifts this year, it's really exciting!

  3. Hey! Thanks for your nice comments on my Alice In wonderland illustration :) I like your new blog banner, by the way..

  4. Look at you putting your Christmas tree up already! I can't bring myself to put ours up before Thanksgiving.


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