Crafting Through the '80s

I love the '80s! I am totally a child of the '80s: Madonna, Sixteen Candles, Pound Puppies, Growing Pains all hold a very special place in my heart.

I see so many blogs hosting themed alongs, whether it is sharing recipes, crafts, or funny stories that I thought I'd join in the fun.

Beginning on Monday, January 12, I'll be crafting my way through the decade of excess and INXS! I'll spend one week per year, all the while posting '80s craft ideas, patterns, and tutorials, as well as pics of crafts I have worked on inspired by the '80s. There will also be some fun '80s facts, trivia, music, memories, and maybe even '80s pictures (Yikes!).

I'd love for all of you '80s fans to join in on the fun. If you'd like to play along, please leave me a comment or email me a link to your blog. I'll post a blogroll here with all of the participating blogs so we can be sure to check in and see everyone's rad '80s crafts. I'll also have a button soon that you can grab for your blog to let everyone know you're playing along.

Check out the '80s crafts link at the top of the page too. I hope it will get you in the '80s spirit and help inspire some totally awesome '80s crafts.

Not crafty? Don't Worry, Be Happy! You can still play along by posting your favorite memories, movies, albums, recipes, pictures, etc. Or if you only want to play along with one or two years that is cool too. It's all in good '80s fun!

So get ready! Beginning on January 12 we will be heading back to the year when the US hockey team defeated the Russians in the Olympics, The Empire Strikes Back was the number one movie, and we asked that burning question, "Who shot JR?"

The year. . .1980!


  1. What a fun idea. There are certain eras that I just love. I love the Victorian Era. I love the wardrobes especially. What a fun time that would've been to have lived in.

  2. I'm sooo in. I have no idea what I'm going to do, but I'm definitely up for participating at :)

  3. What a cool idea! I'm a total 80s girl too. I can't promise that I'll have time to participate, but I'm looking forward to seeing your creations!

  4. I am like so totally in! ;-)

    And now, I'm off to find my INXS records and dance around the house in my underwear. :D

  5. Ahh the 80's...can't get much better than that! What a fun idea! As a self-proclaimed 80's girl, count me in! :)

  6. what an awesome idea!!

    I love the 80's!! I have a few 80's inspired items!