Flickr Swap

I have always had terrible luck with swaps. Even when I was a kid and we would would have to participate in a secret Santa at school, I would buy a great gift but get stuck with a re-gift or a really cheap one.

This is why I don't take part in swaps anymore. I'd love to, because there are so many really great craft swaps all over the internet, but I know I always get the shaft!

So, when a fellow crafter on Flickr emailed me to take part in a swap I was really very hesitant. But I already had the items completed, so I figured I'd give it one more try. I am really glad I did.

She asked what I liked and I told her anything cat related. So, this is what she sent me:

Isn't she so cute? I just love that she made her black, just like Drusilla! Thanks, Jenny!!!

I might have to rethink my hatred of swaps now that this one was a complete success.

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  1. Aww! What a cute wee kitty. :) So glad you had a good swap experience.