Fun with Felting

I have been wanting to give crochet felting a try for quite some time, but really never knew how to begin.

A few weeks ago, on one of my weekly trips to the local AC Moore, I came across a crochet to felt sushi wallet kit by One Stick Two Stick.

Photo courtesy One Stick Two Stick

Not only was it the complete kit, which included several balls of colored wool yarn, a zipper, and instructions for crochet and knitting, but it was on sale (at least with my 50% coupon it was). I just couldn't pass it up.

After crocheting the wallet and several pieces of sushi, it was time to throw it in the washing machine. After about 15 minutes of washing the wallet and sushi pieces, it looked to be done. The instructions said to pat the pieces dry with a towel and leave them out to dry.

I think it turned out really nice, though a little bigger than I thought, but I think I did a decent job on my first felting attempt.

I did learn a few things that I will need to remember for my next project:
  1. Set the washing machine to high agitation. I did it on a low setting so the piece wouldn't fall apart, but it took double the time to felt.

  2. Don't use light and dark yarn. My sushi pieces had off-white, green, and pink in them. The off-white is now tinted pink.

  3. Don't wait until the last minute to crochet and felt the item. It took about three days for the wallet and sushi to dry!
Other than these few minor issues the project went pretty smoothly. I still have some yarn left over, so I am thinking of making Drusilla some felted toy balls for Christmas. She loves felted balls!

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