Making a List and Checking it Twice

December 17, 2008

7 days and counting. . .

1. Finish grandmother's lapghan!!!
Okay, I worked on this thing for four hours including all the way through NCIS last night and am only a little further along than I was two days ago. Not looking good!

2. Felt wallet & keychains 
This should be interesting since this is my first felting project. I hope it turns out, fingers crossed. :)

3. Work on tutorial for
Dot at Dabbled asked me to write a guest post for her blog next week. I decided to do a fun, simple tutorial that can be made as a last minute Christmas present. Be sure to check out Dabbled next week for the post and tute!

4. '80s craft-a-long projects 
I'll be working on these all through the craft-a-long. I already have a few projects started and some tutorials in the works using felt, yarn, thread, and even Legos. Don't forget to join in the fun!  And remember, it's not just craft projects. You can join in with your '80s stories, pictures, and favorite '80s memories.

5. Go to the dentist
Back to the dentist tomorrow. Not looking forward to it, but the office is in the mall. I might do some last minute Christmas shopping. . . for myself! No sweets though, I still have no taste buds. 

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  1. yes ... i must add point 5 to my Xmas list too i think


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