Shrink This!

The coolest '80s toy ever, well next to Colorforms anyway is Shrinky Dinks!

photo courtesy of Retroland

I had no idea they still made Shrinky Dinks. I mean actual Shrinky Dinks not the shrinking plastic you can buy in the craft stores. I was pleasantly surprised to find a site that sells them along with kits, accessories, and pencils to decorate them. 

I also found some on Ebay. I did a search and found Raggedy Ann, Flash Gordon, Hot Wheels, and of all things, Police Academy!

They are super cool, but pretty expensive. A complete kit can cost over $16.00. The more efficient thing to do is to buy some of the plastic sheets and make your own. I found the cutest idea for Shrinky Dinks here. Wouldn't these be great as the Breakfast Club characters or the Goonies. If only I could draw :(


  1. I love Shrinky Dink!!! :D I found some at a Hobby Lobby store in a pack, and used a 40% off coupon that I printed off my computer from their weekly newsletters. Here's a picture of the box, not sure if they still have it but it was so much cheaper this way! :) The sheets have lasted me a long time!

    GOONIES!!! So true... that would be great!

  2. Oh my word! Shrinky Dinks ROCK!!! My brother and I LOVED them! :)