Super Cute Embroidery

One of my favorite craft blogs, Pimp Stitch, is offering a totally rad "Made in the 80s" embroidery pattern. Talk about perfect timing for the craft-a-long!

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The pattern includes a boom box with music notes, cassette tape, heart shaped sunglasses, and the letters "Made in the 80s" with a lightning bolt. 

There are also patterns available with '80s titles like Home Sweet Home and The Breakfast Club.

You can pick up any of the patterns for $3.00 on the Pimp Stitch site. I have already picked up my "Made in the '80s" copy; I just have to figure out what to embroider it on!

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  1. I can't waaaaaait to see what you stitch up with the "Made in the 80's" patterns... they look so cute! :)