Kitty Update

January 08, 2009

I am happy to update that my two little girls are finally starting to warm up to each other. 

Desdemona spends the evenings roaming around the house with Drusilla and sleeps very close to the bed (not on the bed yet, but probably soon).  She also slept on my lap last night and licked my hand, and then bit it! I think that is her way of kissing :)

I am still not comfortable enough to leave them alone together in the house while I am at work, because Drusilla is still hissing a little at her, especially when Desdemona swats at her tail. 

So, Desdemona is spending her days in the downstairs bathroom. I hope this can change next week. It will be a while lot easier for me than chasing Desdemona around the house every morning before work!

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  1. So glad they are getting used to each other. Hope you had a great holdiay!


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