Lost '80s Item

I know everyone remembers this jewelry accessory, right? 

I do, and I had so many of them in all different colors!

I went to a Christian elementary and middle school where we had to wear a uniform, but for some reason we were allowed to wear big earrings and jelly/gummy/rubber bracelets. 

The coolest girl in the school, Heather, started the trend. She used to wear all black gummy bracelets up and down her arm. And I so wanted to wear all black ones too, but they were always harder for me to find than the colored ones. So, I had a mixture of black, white, solid colored, neon, and glitter ones.

Didn't we think we looked cool too? I remember wearing them with every outfit I had and making designs with them, by taking two bracelets and weaving them together. 

And remember the gummy rings?

I had a few of those too. I don't think I could get one on my pinkie now let alone on my ring finger, but they were the cool thing to wear.

I see they are making a come back, along with other '80s items. I saw them recently at Target, WalMart, and even at Claire's in the mall. 

And being the '80s freak that I am I couldn't resist, so I picked myself up a pack of black ones. Take that Heather!

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  1. Oh yes, I remember those well. I wore black ones joined together in patterns going up my arm.