PacMan & Ghost Perler Bead Magnets Tutorial

January 14, 2009

Wow! I have two patterns/tutorials to share with you this week. This one is perfect for the little ones in your house, as it is super simple to make.


Perler beads in yellow and orange
Circle and square pegboards
Ironing paper
Super glue


1. Assemble your PacMan (on the circle pegboard)

And your ghost (on the square pegboard) - I used green beads so you can see the pattern better.

2. Follow instructions per the Perlerbeads website to fuse the beads.

3. Add glue to back of the magnet and press onto the back of each design. Let dry.

4. You now have your very own PacMan and Ghost refrigerator magnets!

If you have left over beads, why not make three more ghosts in red, pink, and blue for the entire PacMan set or maybe even a little Ms. PacMan. Enjoy!

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Please remember that items made using my patterns and tutorials are for personal use only and can not be sold for profit. Thanks!

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