Pumpernickel Pickle

I don't know exactly how many people hide a pickle in their Christmas tree, but we always did. Well actually it was a giant cucumber, but I guess that, technically, still works since pickles are cucumbers, right?

Anyway, I realized that although I have dozens and dozens or Christmas ornaments, I don't have a pickle. So, I made myself my very own felt pickle. 

I prefer sweet gherkins to dill pickles, so here is my little sweet gherkin for next Christmas.

By the way, does anyone remember where "Pumpernickel Pickle" comes from? Need a hint? It was the magic word spoken to a genie in an '80s cartoon where little blue creatures lived in giant mushrooms and sang all day long. 

Yep, you guessed it. It was the Smurfs!

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  1. We have a pickle on our tree! I have to say, there's not alot about the '80's I didn't love, but the Smurfs are on that list! ;)