Tattoo You

I don't know how many bands can have hits spanning almost 50 years, but the Rolling Stones have done it. Their 1982 album, Tattoo You, produced one of the most memorable songs and '80s video, "Start Me Up".

I so remember that video. It had Mick Jagger in a purple shirt and white pants walking around with his hands on his hips and his lips puckered singing, "Start Me Up". Ha! What a funny, '80s video.

I think the Rolling Stones' logo is one of the most well known, so I made a felt and embroidered Rolling Stones tongue pin.

I had the opportunity of seeing the Rolling Stones when I was at The University of Florida in the early '90s. I never really liked them, though both my uncle and mom do, but they put on one heck of a show.


  1. I keep running across cool eighties stuff for you :) here's another:

  2. So embarassing but I've woken up to this song in my alarm clock since the Windows 2000 commercials. =)

  3. In 1982 I put up the big bucks to go see their "Final Farewell" tour -- the last time you'll ever get to see the Rolling Stones, the end of an era. Yeah. Right. It was a great show, though.