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Time to put on your oversized sweatshirts, acid washed jeans, jelly shoes, gummy bracelets, and Swatch watches (and don't forget to spray your hair with lots of Aqua Net), because we are traveling back to the '80s!

I will be posting, every day, for the next 10 weeks my '80s craft projects, as well as '80s facts, trivia, memories, and other fun '80s info.

I'll be covering each year as follows:

1980 - Jan. 12 - 18
1981 - Jan. 19 - 25
1982 - Jan. 26 - Feb. 1
1983 - Feb. 2 - 8
1984 - Feb. 9 - 15
1985 - Feb. 16 - 22
1986 - Feb. 23 - March 1
1987 - March 2 - 8
1988 - March 9 - 15
1989 - March 16 - 22

Feel free to play along as little or as much as you'd like. I'd love to read about your favorite '80s memories, see funny '80s pictures, and ooh and ahh over your totally awesome '80s crafts!

If you need some crafty '80s inspiration, check out my '80s craft link, or some '80s embroidery patterns here and here, or these super cute patterns.

If you do decide to play along, please leave me a comment on any of the posts, or shoot me an email with a link to your post. I'll be sure to add you to the '80s blogroll so everyone can see your rad posts.

I'll also be posting a new '80s quiz question every week for you to answer. This week's quiz is to name the actor that appears in all four films. Have Fun! And to those of you who played along with last week's question, the answer was "Sixteen Candles"!

Now onto my first '80s craft project. . .

I love '80s music! From hair bands to new wave to love songs, I can't get enough of '80s music. And my iPod can attest to that. I have several different '80s playlists on it including, "Slow Jams", "New Wave", and "All About the '80s". So, it was only fitting that I make an '80s iPod case.

If you've ever read my blog or seen my craft projects you know I tend to use a lot of felt. I like it because it is quick, easy, and cheap! This little iPod case cost me a whopping $0.60 and was finished in about 45 minutes.

Want to make one for yourself? Here is how you do it.


1 sheet of colored felt
felt scraps
matching embroidery thread
embroidery needle


1. Cut two pieces of felt, the size of your iPod, and contrasting colored felt scraps for the bottom part of the cassette tape, the the part where the tape is wound, and the label. I used one sheet of pink felt for the case, grey felt scraps for the bottom part of the cassette and the back part of where the tape is wound, black felt for the notches, and white felt for the label, cassette reel, and center of tape.

2. Embroider four lines on the cassette reel (white circles on the tape).

3. Embroider your mix tape message on the label. I embroidered "I", "the", and "'80s" and then cut a heart out of red felt.

4. Use a running stitch to attach all of the pieces to the front of the iPod case and whip stitch the case closed. Don't forget to leave the top open for your iPod to slip in.

That's it! It's such a super simple project that you can make some for yourself, family, and friends. If you do decide to make some, please send me a link to your pictures. I'd love to see them!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Haha, that is FANTASTIC! I actually recorded the 10 Best Videos of the 80's last week. I can't wait to watch it. I'll be linking to your project-I just love it!

  2. That's so cute! Thanks for the tutorial, I found it through Pimp Stitch! :)

  3. This is such a cute craft (saw ya on Pimp Stitch and had to check it out)! I'm really looking forward to see the rest of your '80s crafts.

  4. That is so brilliant!! I also saw it on Pimp Stitch, and it is mad Pimp. I can't wait to get one when I get my new iPod!! Thanks for the totally rad and gnarly idea!

  5. I'm posting about this craft at Dollar Store Crafts on wed! The url will be: http://dollarstorecrafts.com/2011/02/make-a-mixtape-ipod-case/

    Thanks for your awesome 80s crafts! :)


  6. This is a fab craft! We've put a post up about it on GirlsLife.com. Check it out >> http://www.girlslife.com/post/2011/02/16/Craft-a-cassette-iPod-case.aspx

    Thanks for all of your inspiration!

  7. This is hilarious! I'll have to do this