'80s craft-a-long in full swing

February 06, 2009

Well, the '80s craft-a-long is in full swing. We are coming up to the halfway point soon. Where has the time gone?

The second half of the craft-a-long features some crafts that have required a lot more time than I anticipated. I'm actually still working on several for next week. Having said that, there might not be a new craft every day. I'm thinking three a week. We'll have to see how it goes. 

Also, in non '80s related news, I am working on a baby afghan for my best friend's baby shower next month. As you can see on the progress bar, I am only 5% done. Not good!

And just yesterday, I was asked by both the NCIS and The Bunker Ravelry groups to come up with a crochet pattern for an upcoming CAL/KAL. 

Whew! I'm am one busy girl. Not sure how I'm going to accomplish all of this in such a short time, but I am up for the challenge.

So no craft for today. Instead, here are a few blasts from the past. . . creative and crafty toys from the '80s. I think I had all of them :)

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