Cool Rider

Singing in the Rain; Bye, Bye Birdie; Grease 2! Grease 2? Yes, in my world, these three musicals are the bet musicals of all time.

I know a lot of people think Grease 2 pales in comparison to the original Grease, but I have to disagree. While I enjoy the songs in Grease, I think the movie is a little long, at least for me. I have a very short attention span when it comes to movies, anything over an hour and thirty minutes is too long. Plus, I like comedies more than dramas. Grease 2 was certainly funnier than the first Grease. I mean, "Let's Do it for Our Country", that is just too funny.

After seeing Grease 2 for the first time I immediately wanted to become a Pink Lady. I loved their clothes, their pink car, and especially their pink jackets. My favorite part of the movie is when Stephanie Zanoni (Michelle Pfeiffer) sings "Cool Rider" and turns her pink lady jacket inside out to reveal a reversible black satin jacket. That was just too cool!

Since I never had a really cool pink and black satin Pink Lady jacket, I decided to make myself a Pink Lady item.

Here it is! My very own Pink Lady eyeglass case.

The case is made out of black satin fabric remnants and pink and white felt. It is not reversible, but the inside of the case is pink felt!

The sunglasses pattern is from Pimp Stitch's Made in the '80s embroidery pattern. For the sunglasses, I cut the pattern out of felt pieces, sewed the felt on the satin, and embroidered the glass lines and pink beads to the felt. I then stitched the ends together for my very own "Pink Lady"eyeglass case.

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  1. You know, the original Grease soundtrack was the soundtrack of our slumber parties in the first couple of years of high school. I know all those songs by heart but I have never even SEEN Grease 2!