It's not all about the '80s, but it is about the blog

I'd like to take a minute from the '80s to say a thank you for letting me vent yesterday. I hate to bring my political views onto this blog, so I will try and refrain as much as possible, unless it is through my crafts! My old Ravelry group asked that I come up with an American inspired crochet pattern, and I am still intending to do that pattern. I'm thinking of posting it around the 4th of July. So, stay tuned for that and maybe a few more Republican elephant crafts too :)

I also wanted to point out a few new things on my blog. As you have probably noticed my blogroll has gotten larger. I have been following many blogs through the "Follow This Blog" Widget on Blogger. Instead of keeping them all secret I decided to share their sites with you. I will continue to add links, so when you have a few minutes be sure to take a peek at their wonderful sites.

Another new item that has been added is a link to my craft bookstore, The Cat's Meow, that I opened through The link is in a box at the bottom of the blog. It is nothing fancy, I just offer up some suggestions on great craft books.  

If you'd like to open your own bookstore, check out the Amazon Associates aStore link. It is a pretty cool idea. All of these orders are processed and shipped through, so you don't have to do a thing other than choose the items to be displayed. I like it too, because it keeps a list of the craft books I want to buy!

Also, I've added a 2009 craft list to my navigation bar. This list will continue to be updated as I finish projects or come across new projects I want to tackle. I've added links to all the projects I could, in case you'd like to craft them too. I lost track of all of my crafts I did last year, so this list will be great to look at in December, and to see how many crafts I actually finished!

The final new item is probably the biggest. I am closing down my Crafts by Alice (CBA) Etsy shop and am opening a new Etsy shop. This was one of the hardest decisions that I've had to make in my crafting career, which has only been about three years, but it was still hard. I loved the shop, but with the impending decision on the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and a few other reasons I thought it best to shut down the shop and start fresh. I will still have a section titled, Alice's Tea Party, that will feature a lot of the old CBA items, or at least until I hear about the CPSIA decision.

The new shop is called, Missie Zee. It is still in the works, especially what will be offered in the shop, but the site is now up and running. You can find the link under "My Shop" on the navigation bar. I am really pleased with the way it turned out. It is the very first site I designed 100%. I like the bright and cheerful colors, and it offers up a look into my crafting past and future. I hope you'll take a second to swing by and give it a look.

Even though the site is up and running, the shop is not. I have decided to take my time adding crafts for sale. I think I'll start selling again in the fall, but maybe not. We'll see how inspired I get, as many of the items will be one of a kind (OOAK).

One final piece of news. I wanted to give a quick update on how my girls are doing. They are getting along great, except for the occasional rough house session. They took a nap next to each other this past weekend.

This is the closest they've gotten in a month. I am happy, we now have peace in the house! Please forgive my wrinkled tablecloth and crazy looking table. My big project this year is buying a table and chair set at a thrift shop and refurbishing them. It can't be as bad as my deck project of last year, right?

I hope you are all enjoying the '80s craft-a-long. I've got some pretty funny '80s crafts coming up in the next few weeks, including something "breakfast" related and a some bloody good Lost Boys goodies! Stay excellent!

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