Lost '80s Item

February 01, 2009

Did you have one of these '80s plastic charm necklaces? I did!

This one isn't mine, but it does have many of the charms I had: baseball bat, lipstick tube, toothpaste, anchor, cat, headphones, notebook, baby bottle, tennis racket, umbrella, and whistle. I also had a harmonica, roller skate, piano, coke bottle, and some others I can't remember. 

I used to trade the charms with my friends until I got the ones I wanted. I never got the record though :(

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  1. Man, I haven't thought of my charm necklace in forever! My favorite was a little, pink metal milkshake with whipped cream and a cherry. I wonder if my mom still has it somewhere...

  2. i just came to your blog from miss crow, but oh goodness! this post brough back tons of memories about the manymanymany charms i collected...ahhh...the 80s...


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