Lost '80s Item

February 08, 2009

The '80s produced many fashion disasters, but one that I think was totally unnecessary and pretty painful was the banana clip. Do you remember these?

Ugh! I remember I used to ear them when I had a perm, which was crazy because the ringlets would get caught in the clasp. Plus, it never fit my head right and would poke me in the base of my skull. Oh, the things I did for fashion!

I really thought these things were gone, or so I had wished, but I actually found a few stores that still sell them, like Walmart. Their colors are very neutral, but they are still the same banana clips as I wore in the '80s. 

Several online store also sell them like coveryourhair and totallyfashiontrendy, which sells '80s neon ones in case you want to order a few. Just be sure to keep a couple of aspirin near by.

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