Lost '80s Item

I'm sure if you were a kid in the '80s you took some portion of your lunch in a piece of Tupperware. I know Tupperware was a staple in my house, and still is to this day. The Glad and Ziplock containers are nothing like a good, sturdy piece of Tupperware.

I don't recall my mother ever selling Tupperware, but I am sure she attended Tupperware parties in the '80s. They were all the rage. And I'm sure that is where she picked me up my very own Tupperware set, like this one:

I bet if I checked in my bag of Barbies and Legos I would find various pieces of this set. My sister, cousin, and I would take the pieces out and make mud and onion pies in my front yard. Ahh, good times.

And yes, I do still have a piece of '80s Tupperware that I use to store my cookies in.

After 25+ years the thing is still as good as new!


  1. I used to have that set with the mini pitcher & cups ... sad, so sad, one two many moves made mom donated them. :(

  2. I had that mini Tupperware set too! I loved how the mini pitcher was an exact scaled-down replica of the full-size version. Thanks for reminding me!