Riding on the Metro

As you probably have guessed by now, my '80s experience was all about the music and music videos. MTV was such an enormous part of my childhood, it just pains me to see what the station has become.

I guess times really have changed and YouTube is where everyone goes to look at "retro" music videos now, at least that is where I go. I use the term "retro" because I was flipping through the radio stations the other day and came across an "oldies" station. I immediately thought I would hear Motown or something like that, but instead heard, "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel. Then it hit me, my favorite music is now considered "oldies". No, I'll keep calling it "retro". It sounds better that way!

Anyway, one of my first memories of MTV was seeing Terri Nunn of Berlin. I absolutely love her voice, and her blond hair with black streaks was super cool! I think a lot of people associate Berlin with "Take My Breath Away" from Top Gun, but their new wave songs are so much better, like "The Metro". Gosh, I love that song and video.

Well, I knew I had to make an '80s craft involving Berlin in some way. So, I went with the Paris Metro sign, which is what their song is named after. I thought it would make a cute pencil/pen topper.

I made it out of two pipe cleaners. I think it is kind of metroish. :)

And here is the song and video that inspired my craft, along with "No More Words" and Terri's super cool hairdo! Long live the '80s music videos!

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