"Wildcats" football cupcake pattern

Remember the movie, Wildcats, with Goldie Hawn and a very young Wesley Snipes? Well, today we'll be making "Wildcats" football cupcakes. I have to admit, I actually made this template for the Steelers and the Super Bowl, but that's okay. I works for the '80s too!

chocolate cake mix
oval or football shape cupcake pan (I got mine at Walmart)
powdered sugar 
1 piece of cardstock paper
exacto knife or scissors

1. Make chocolate cake mix as instruction on box. Pour cake mix into lightly greased football molds. Bake according to instructions. 

2. Let cupcakes cool completely. Run knife along edges and bottom of cupcakes and pop out each football cupcake.

3. Trace football shape onto cardstock and cut out to match the the size of your cupcake. I placed my cupcake directly onto the cardstock and traced around the edges for the shape (3-1/2 in. length x 2 in. wide). 

4. Draw football stitching onto template and cut out using an exacto knife or scissors. 

5. Place cardstock football shape onto the top of the cupcake. 

6. Using a strainer with a small amount of powdered sugar, lightly tap powdered sugar over template. 

7. Take your fork, and enjoy your football treat!

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