Yep, I was a Girl Scout

February is great for one thing. . . Girl Scout cookies!

As a former Girl Scout, I really take pity on the poor girls who have to beg people to buy their cookies. I always hated cookie season, because back in the '80s we had to sell the cookies door to door. Ugh! It was awful! Now, the girls stand outside a store and get a crack at you twice, once going in the store and once coming out of the store.

Thank goodness my neighbors took pity on me and bought some of my cookies, because I am not a great saleswoman (I even had trouble knocking on doors and asking people for candy on Halloween). I probably would have only sold the boxes my family ate if it were not for my neighbors. So, a very special thank you to the Dorseys, Fergusons, and everyone else on my street. Your kindness was much appreciated!

When I think back to my days in the Girl Scouts, the one thing I always remember are my badges. I might not have had a ton, like the troop leader's daughter did, but I had my fare share.

Most of mine were ones you'd expect me to have like: music, art, wildlife. But then there is one that for the life of me I still can't figure out how I got. . . the math whiz badge.

Now, for someone who is the farthest thing from a math whiz, getting the math whiz badge is mind boggling. The only logical reason I could see for me getting this badge was that my mother, who was co-leader, pulled some strings and got it for me to boost my confidence in math, because I know it wasn't because of my math skills!

I would have gladly traded my math whiz badge for this one.

I don't think we had this caving badge when I was a kid, maybe because I grew up in Florida and there aren't any caves there. Oh well, the bat is still super cute!

So, in honor of Girl Scout cookie season and my years in the Girl Scouts, I have replicated my math whiz badge out of felt.

I updated my triangle guy by giving him a worried look and adding some drops of sweat coming from under his cap, because that is how this math whiz feels when doing math!


  1. your felt badge version has me in stitches! love the beads of sweat. :)

  2. I was a girl scout in the 80's and I to hated to sell cookies I like you never did well with trick or treating that is why I had backup. I did get a badge for camping then left the girl scouts to my mother dismay (she was my brownie leader) to pursue better times playing football with the boys. I love the felt badge.

  3. That's a great badge. Love the beads of sweat. You made me laugh out loud!