Craft To-Do List

I know things have been quiet around here lately, so I wanted to share a few really cute projects I will be starting now that the craft-a-long is complete! 

Isn't it so cute and very spring-like? I am going to switch out the pink for yellow and make it larger so it will match my comforter.

I really need to make several of these for my craft magazines and books. I hit the craft book jackpot the other day at the Goodwill, and my craft books are all over the house.

Yeah I know, it is only March. I like to get started on my Christmas presents early ;) My stocking is not going to look anything like this, but this is the pattern I'll be using. 

And I'm still debating about joining this Crochet Along (CAL):

The yarn is pretty pricey, plus I've never done something that requires measurements and math. 

I will also be working on some items for my Etsy shop. I hope to have several old and new items ready for the shop to open this fall. 

In addition to all of this, I'm working on a HUGE project for my Mom's birthday. Whew! I am going to be one busy girl!

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