Lost '80s Item

For today's lost '80s item, let us all think back to when we were in middle school. Do you remember playing the game, MASH? No, this isn't a game about the TV show MASH, it is the game that determines the outcome of your life, or so we thought!

The rules for MASH (M {mansion} A {apartment} S {shack} H {house}) are very simple:
  1. Choose five of the following: names, colors, types of cars, number of children, places, and careers.
  2. Draw a spiral on the paper. Count the spiral from top to bottom to get the magic number.
  3. Count through your lists of items using your magic number. Eliminate each item you land on until you are left with one item in each category. Enjoy your future!
The web has several electronic MASH games. Typepad's online version is really fun. I decided to play along, so here are my results:

"Your husband's name is Scott and you have 0 children. You're a Teacher who drives to work every day in a Pink Jeep. It's truly a wonderful life when you consider the countless romantic nights you have spent with Scott in your shack in Venice."

How come I always end up in a shack? Oh well, at least I'm driving around Venice in a pink Jeep with a boy named Scott!


  1. Awesome flashback!

    *fits o giggles commence!*

  2. I was chuckling quite a bit over this. Ahhh yes how many hours were wasted on this game? LOTS!

    And now I'm laughing at 3rdEyeMuse's comment with her "fits o giggles" that pretty much sums it up! :)

  3. Oh my stinkin' goodness!!! I had completely forgotten about this game!!! That just brought back a flood of memories! :-) I am now going to have to teach it to my children, I MUST pass this on!!! :-)

  4. my husband and i JUST played this game in the car a few weeks ago!!! he thought i was crazy writing down everything, but i knew other ladies must still remember how fun this was! :) LOL i always ended up driving the worst car!

  5. oh my god, i totally forgot about this game! hilarious.