Love those '80s Crafters!

There are quite a lot of crafty '80s fans around. It is so cool to see everyone's fun '80s projects. Here are a few I came across while looking around Flickr.

My creation

1. boy george, 2. Eye Of The Tiger, 3. jammin' in her wonderoos, 4. boombox1.jpg, 5. Shoot That Poison Arrow, 6. Mr T, 7. I Want to Dig, 8. in it's element, 9. Like a Virgin

I absolutely love Mr. T. He pities the fool!


  1. Ha! That Mr. T and your comment made me LOL! I had a friend in high school who went on to be in a band he called "The Mr. T Experience" -- believe it or not, they are still around and successful -- so Mr. T lives on...

  2. *snicker, snort, snort* ... thanks for the wonderful 80's crafty links. :)

  3. hey, that's my button ring! Thanks so much for the feature!