Goodies Galore

Lots going on around here, some good and some not so good.

I guess the bad news first. . . my NEW computer is acting up! I just can't seem to figure the whole internet problem out. I can get online, but I can't watch any TV shows or download any pictures without waiting 20 minutes. Not cool for me since I have fast internet through AT&T. I've been corresponding with them, along with HP, so hopefully it will be resolved shortly!

Other than that bad news, everything else has been pretty good. I took part in an NCIS swap, which turned out to be a lot of fun. Our goal was to pick items that spelled out N.C.I.S., plus send an item for our swap partner's favorite character all for between $10-$20. 

First, here is what I sent my swap partner:

N- nibbles (Milky Way Midnight candy)
C - coffee, coffee cup, and Caf-Pow cup cozy
I - inspirations (knitting needles and notions)
S - sock ease wool yarn

My partner's favorite character is Gibbs, so I sent a travel coffee mug, since Gibbs drinks coffee all the time, and the Caf-Pow cozy, since he is always bringing Caf-Pows to Abby.

Now, here is what I got:

N - newsworthy (Movie Mania game)
C - crochet yarn & hooks
I - imagination (cupcake stamps and decorating gun, cat buttons)
S - sweets (Twizzlers, Clue candies, and nonpareils)

What a great box of goodies! I said that my favorite character is Tony, which is why I got a movie trivia game, and that I like pastel colors. I can't wait to make some cupcakes so I can use the decorating gun to squeeze in some filling! 

This week, I also got two other great packages from fellow bloggers/crafters: some great drawings from Dabbled (my second place prize in the Anti-Valentine's Day contest) and a really cool library card bookmark from The Home EC Teachers Daughter. Thanks Ladies! My mailman was a busy guy this week.

I'll hopefully be fixing my computer this week, so I can get back to several posts a week. I'll also be working on some items for my Etsy shop. I hope to have them in the shop next month. Plus, as you can see on my sidebar, my WIP list is growing. I'm working on some pretty cool birthday presents that I'll be able to talk about and show you in a few months. 

And don't forget to take a peek at the Pop Culture Craft Challenge

Whew, now I need a nap. 

Drusilla's got the right idea!


  1. You have some sort of intrusion from malicious software and you should take your PC to a competent PC Tech to not only remove the infecting programs, but to suggest a good anti-hacking defense.

  2. Love the Caf Pow cozy :)

    I keep forgetting about the pop culture craft challenge! I need to sticky note that to my forehead.

  3. Thanks Reverie. I spoke to a friend of mine who is up on all this computer stuff and he said it might be my start up config. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that is all it is.

    Molly - No worries about the challenge. I think this topic was too broad for everyone. Next month's will be more focused.