PCC Challenge #1 - Goodnight Mask

The first Pop Culture Craft Challenge has started! Swing over to the blog to play along.

I had a really tough time narrowing down a craft for the first Pop Culture Craft Challenge. The theme is Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, and there were just too many cool people to choose from: Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, Blondie, Otis Redding, Gladys Night and the Pips. . . So, I decided to stick with the 2009 inductees, and ultimately chose Metallica

I was never a really big fan of Metallica, they were always a little too heavy metal for me, but the older I get the more I like them. One of my favorite Metallica songs is "Enter Sandman", so I chose that particular song to be inspired by. It didn't take me long to decide on the craft that I wanted to make. . . a sleep mask.  

I used a pattern I found in the Nov/Dec 2008 issue of Crochet Today, but tweaked it a little to make it fit the lyrics better. 

Metallica - Enter Sandman

Say your prayers little one
Don't forget, my son
To include everyone

Tuck you in, warm within
Keep you free from sin
'Till the sandman he comes

Sleep with one eye open
Gripping your pillow tight

Exit light
Enter night
Take my hand
Off to never never land

Somethings wrong, shut the light
Heavy thoughts tonight
And they aren't of snow white

Dreams of war, dreams of liars
Dreams of dragons fire
And of things that will bite

Sleep with one eye open
Gripping your pillow tight

Exit light
Enter night
Take my hand
Off to never never land

Now I lay me down to sleep
Pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I die before I wake
Pray the Lord my soul to take

Hush little baby, don't say a word
And never mind that noise you heard
It's just the beast under your bed,
In your closet, in your head

I never realized how spooky the lyrics are! 

Would you like to join the fun? Check out the Pop Culture Craft Challenge blog for more info. I've entered my challenge item! 

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame theme will be running until April 29. On May 1, we will start a new challenge theme.

My computer has officially died, so I won't be checking emails or blog posts until I get a new one (not sure when that will be). Please bear with me if you email me a question or theme. I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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  1. Wow, that mask is perfect! Sorry to hear about your computer.