Can I have a tissue please?

Why is it that the weekends always go by so fast and the weeks so slow? I wish it was the other way around, because I blinked and it is now a brand new work week. 

I really did accomplish quite a bit this weekend, including starting and finishing a few crafts. Is it crazy that I finished my first Halloween craft, my first Christmas craft, and am almost done with my first Christmas present? The lady at Joann Fabric thought I was insane when she rang up six different styles of black and orange fabric (for Halloween bunting). My thinking was to buy it now when it is in stock and on sale. Plus, I can work on it now so I can have it all ready to put up on October 1. 

I think I'll hold off showing my Halloween decorations until it gets a little closer to Halloween. I mean it is only May. :) But, I will show my first Christmas present (yeah, that makes sense), because it was so super easy and appropriate for allergy season.

This little tissue holder was made using Martha Stewart's tissue case pattern, a felt remnant, embroidery thread, and pinking shears. Within 10 minutes (I hand stitched it instead of using a sewing machine) I had a super cute tissue holder. 

These are going to be perfect for stocking stuffers. I was thinking of adding some snowflakes or Christmas trees to the holder, but I really like the simple look of it so I left it alone. I was also thinking of getting some wool felt, but the red Eco-Fi felt is so soft that I am re-thinking that as well. 

The best news of all is that this little tissue case cost me a grand total of $0.26!!! Gotta love quick, cheap, and cute presents!


  1. Hoooooly cow. 26 cents is amazing! That's part of the reason I was so tickled when you inspired me to try a felt project. And one of these days I'll get it finished and put it on my blog. :)

    And Christmas already does not even sound weird to me. I hand made all my gifts last year and May would have been the correct time to start!

  2. brilliant idea! and I, too, like the simplicity of the look. :) well done.