Decoupage is fun

I've been trying my hand at several different craft mediums lately: stamping, paper crafts, and decoupage. I haven't done much with decoupage, but I came across a decoupaged letter tutorial that I was dying to try.

I've been slowly re-doing my kitchen into spring colors (pink, green, and yellow), and am working on several craft projects for the new look. So far, I am crocheting some kitchen rugs and re-covering my four kitchen chairs, which is not fun or easy and is why I only have one finished! By the time I finally finish the kitchen it will be time for fall decorations. Oh well, isn't that always the way it works?

Anyway, I thought my window sill needed a little sprucing up, so I used the decoupage tutorial and made these:

I actually bought the letters to spell out EAT, but I realized I could spell out TEA instead. And since I enjoy drinking tea more than eating, I thought TEA was more appropriate.

I deviated slightly from the original tutorial as I used paper mache letters instead of wooden ones. They cost a little more but it was well worth it. They stand up so much better and were really easy to put the paper on. I did have to paint them white first, but they didn't take too long to dry.

I'm not sure if you can tell in the picture, but I used pink polka dotted paper for the "T", yellow, green, pink, and brown flower paper for the "E", and green and white stripe paper for the "A". I'm thinking of repainting the sides of the letters a darker color to bring out the colors on the paper more, but I'm still deciding.

I'm happy this craft turned out nice. Now I can cross yet another project off my to-do list and another craft medium off my to-learn list!


  1. I love that you chose tea over eat & think the papers look wonderful together! ... yes, painting the sides would seriously make these pop (in a really good way). :)

  2. They are lovely! Beautiful kitchen you have :)