I Wonder. . .

What is the obsession with Twitter? And how does everyone have so much time to post what they are doing every second of the day?

Why everyone can garden but me? I can't seem to keep anything alive for more than a few weeks, excluding myself and Drusilla!

Is it just me, or is Lady Gaga this generation's Samantha Fox?

Will I ever learn how to use a sewing machine? I mean it can't be all THAT difficult.

Where have all the good TV shows gone? And when will reality TV go away for good? I mean do we really need to see all of Hugh Hefner's girlfriend's in their own show?

Just a few thoughts that have been floating around inside my brain. 


  1. I wonder too...about tweeting on Twitter. Something which I've held back because I think it's addictive? My little cactus died on me some donkey years ago, so that was tragic. Never again will I keep plants. I'm just not gifted in that area. And yes, I find the sewing machine pretty daunting too :P so I do a lot of needlework :)

  2. I wonder about Twitter, too. I joined, using my computer because I don't want topay to text, but I did it only for business reasons. I think twittering is just one more examle of how self-centered this generation is: I mean, who cares what they're doing and what they think?

    I know you can learn to use your sewing machine! I learned last year and it's really easy!