My fancy new packaging!

I've been working on several different projects lately. One that was in dire need of a revamp was my Etsy shop packaging. My packaging used to consist of tissue paper, Scotch tape, and a lined note card. Yeah, pretty elementary and ugly! I knew that wasn't going to fly anymore, so I needed to spruce it up a bit.

After much trial and error (I am still trying to master the art of Paint Shop Pro) I came up with these bag toppers - Thank you for your order ~Missie Zee:

And this cupcake packaging (cellophane, ribbon, and a hand stamped cupcake label):

I also purchased these super cute needle & thread labels on Etsy and then added my saying - Handmade with love, Missie,

I am going to use them for my non-tea party related items. I think they'll be especially nice for my crocheted scarves.

Okay, so my packaging isn't all THAT fancy, but compared to what it used to be it really is. I think it is a huge improvement!


  1. It is totally adorable.

    I especially like the handmade with love bit - anything I make takes plenty of thought and effort and love!

    I redid my shop packaging too because that little extra effort is so nice to receive.

  2. These look great! I've been working on my packaging lately too. It really makes a big difference.