Fizzle and Boom!

I hate to admit it, but it appears the Pop Culture Craft Challenge is a bust. After three challenges, and only one entry, the challenge is being put on permanent hold. If more interest is generated over the next several months I'll consider re-opening the challenge, but for now it is closed. 

But while one idea fizzles, another one booms! 

A Crochet Toy Chest is a blog I started several years ago while I was still on Typepad. It has become quite a resource for free crochet toy and doll patterns, all that have been collected from web searches.

I originally started this blog as a pattern resource for myself, but boy has it gotten quite the following. As of this morning, the site has had over 406,420 hits! That is pretty amazing.

I also thought it would be fun to set up a Squidoo lens for the blog. If you have no idea what Squidoo is, you have to check it out! It is pretty cool. To my surprise, my little lens is now #93 out of 7,000+ in the DIY section and #1,749 out of 100,000+ overall!

And, on the Top 100 Crochet Sites, it is #20!

Since this crochet blog has really taken off, I decided to revamp the look and add new content. Check out the new look and some new patterns (I'm still adding more every day), here.

If you are a crocheter and enjoy the site, please tell all your crocheting buddies to swing by and give it a peek. And, feel free to add my new button to your blog. 

It's nice to see so many people enjoying the site. All of my hard work really has paid off!


Here is a screen shot of my Squidoo lens on the Top 100 List (#93)! Check out the crazy lenses that share the list: 

Of course, I love #87, but sultry makeup and guppies? At least I beat out building your own graveyard! :)

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  1. ooh this is great, i've just started to crochet so i'll be adding your site to my fav's
    TFS and be blogging about it soon :) x