More Martha and bargains!

June 07, 2009

On my recent trip to Big Lots, I was shocked to find an entire endcap of Martha Stewart's craft items. Granted, the majority of them were wedding items, but I picked up a few party crafts that I just couldn't pass up.

Polka dot favor bags and coasters

I love the bags and I thought the coasters might make a nice banner.

I also picked up these:

Eyelet pattern heart-shaped tins.

These really are wedding favor boxes, but they were so cute I just had to get them. I found them on for $14.95. Check out my price.

$2.00! What a bargain!

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  1. that is a serious example of being in just the right place at just the right time!! :)

  2. Huh - they never had cool crafty things at Big Lots when I lived near one! What's the deal with that?

    How cute are your goodies?! I always love a bargain. :)


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