New look and new PCC Challenge theme

This weekend, after almost 12 hours of fooling around with it, I finally finished the new look of my blog. I designed a new header and new buttons, added brighter colors, and 3 columns.

I have been wanting to change my header for awhile, especially since Desdemona went back to her home and its back to me and Drusilla. I decided to stick with the same little girl picture from before, but I added a few "crafting" items (a crochet hook in "my" hand instead of a knitting needle, buttons, and ric rac). I also added a little black cat playing with the yarn. I wanted to brighten it up a bit too, so I chose yellows, greens, and pinks just like in my kitchen. 

The new buttons took the most time to make. I haven't spent a ton of time using Paint Shop Pro, so I had to stumble through the process. I did learn quite a bit, which will be nice for when I redo my blog this Halloween.

I like the look of a 3 column blog better than a 2 column one, so I changed my layout to a wider size, which in turn made me change a lot of the blog. It was a challenge, but it turned out exactly the way I wanted.

Since I have a better understanding of Blogger blog design and Paint Shop Pro, I wondered if anyone would find a few tutorials helpful? I thought maybe one for a blog header, layout, and buttons? I know there are a lot of tutorials floating around the web, some that are good and others that are totally confusing, so I'll try to keep mine as simple as possible. 

Also, did you see the new Pop Culture Challenge theme and button? Yes, it is the Broadway show, Wicked! I got so wrapped up in my blog this weekend I didn't have time to finish my craft. I should have it done and posted sometime this week. 

And, I am finishing up my Pay it Forward gifts. I just need to stuff them. They'll be shipping this week as well.

That's it! The end to one incredibly busy weekend. Let's hope this week is a lot calmer!


  1. Oh yes, tutorials would be marvelous! I like your new layout!

  2. The new layout looks great. I love the buttons!

  3. definitely yes to the tutorials & the new layout looks terrific!!

  4. Love the new look! The buttons look great too! And of course I am impressed that anyone can figure out PSP. I tried to use it a couple times and...well...yeah.

    I've been contemplating going to a three column as well but first I have to figure out how I changed up my background last time, LOL!