WIPS and Kitchen Projects

I have several very different craft projects in the works, and for some reason it is really difficult for me to get one completed. Three of my projects under my Works in Progress bars are presents, so those have deadlines, but the others are just out in limbo.

I guess I can blame all of the really cute, quick, craft projects that I've been finding for taking up my time, but I really need to get two of these projects finished fairly quickly.

The first, and probably the hardest, is recovering my kitchen chairs. This is something I've been meaning to do from the day the dining set was given to me, but I have also been dreading. The chairs are wicker (I really hate anything that is wicker, but the set was free) with nubby canvas-like material on the seat cushions. 

If you sit on the chairs with shorts on, the material rubs against your leg. It is really awful. Plus, the two larger chairs have broken pieces of wicker underneath the seat cushions, making sitting on them both uncomfortable and pretty dangerous!

I would scrap this project, ditch the chairs, and go out and buy new, white chairs, but I don't know how they would look with a brown, wicker table. And, I don't want to buy a new, inexpensive set because my set is in decent shape. I wish I could afford to buy my dream kitchen set from Crate and Barrel.

Isn't it pretty? It would look great in my kitchen, but I'm still saving up for it. Who knows, maybe next tax season, if we get any taxes back next season!

So, I am stuck recovering my chairs. I've only finished one chair, but I am really pleased with the way it has turned out. After 4 hours, 3 layers of fabric (there were 2 other layers underneath the nubby fabric), and about 1000 staples here it is:

I added new foam underneath the new fabric, which is why the seat cushion is now so high, but it feels so much better. I think the foam under the layers of fabric was the original foam, and I'm thinking from the '70s. I thought Drusilla would make this her new bed, but she prefers the nubby chairs. Go figure!

My other kitchen project is much easier and actually coming along rather nicely. I am in desperate need of new kitchen rugs, ever since Drusilla had a little hairball on one and stained it. I've had a really hard time trying to find pink kitchen rugs, so I decided to crochet myself some. 

Here is the beginning rows of the first of two rugs:

I took this picture last night, so the colors are showing up a lot darker than they are (they actually match the new seat cushions almost perfectly). I am using Vanna's Choice yarn (my favorite) in pink, white, seaspray mist (that's the yarn ball in the picture), dusty rose, and olive. 

I've still got awhile to go, but this is a simple project that I can do while watching TV. I'm thinking Drusilla might need a matching placemat too!


  1. That dining set from Crate and Barrel is so pretty! So crisp and clean looking.

    But I love the new chair fabric!

    Crocheting a rug seems like a herculean task but it's nice to be able to match to your fabric!

    And yes I think Drusilla would like a matching placemat. :)

  2. that new fabric you chose is fantastic!!