I've been bitten!

Well, I have officially been bitten by the Christmas bug. I have pretty much dismissed all of my summer crafts for Christmas, though I think I really need to do some Halloween crafts before I get too wrapped up in my Christmas ones! So far, I have a half dozen Christmas projects in the works and a few more on the back burner. 

The Christmas items I will be crafting the most this year are Christmas stockings. I have five that I will be making, all out of felt and only one with a pattern. The other four patterns are coming out of my mixed up mind! The good news is that I have drawn three of the four patterns, so far. I just need to draw my stocking, which is a throw back to my childhood. 

I've been scouring the internet for free stocking patterns, actually the stocking part is all I really need. I have found a ton, all of which will be included in the Christmas in July Blog Party starting on July 20. 

There are also some really cute stocking kits starting to pop up in the craft stores. Here are a two Plaid kits that I really like. 

If you like them too you might want to get started right away. The ones I looked at this past weekend at AC Moore had a lot of pieces!


  1. How fun -- I am SO not there yet, although I know I need to be thinking holidays! Cute stockings!

  2. Cute! I already have three stockings *sheepish grin* but I think you've just inspired me to make one for my cat. Hopefully that doesn't make me a crazy cat lady. Eeeeep.

    Ooh! And I just remembered some little gingerbread men ornaments I wanted to make last Christmas and never did.

    Okay I'm excited now. :)