Christmas in July Blog Party Day 5 - Grown Up Christmas List

Welcome to day 5 of the Christmas in July Blog Party. Today's theme is Gifts for Grown Ups

Each year I try to include a handmade gift to everyone in my family along with a store bought gift. It is fun for me to choose what I think each person would like, plus I get to try out different craft projects and mediums. 

I've tried to add different types of crafts, so I am sure you'll find something you will enjoy whipping up this year. Enjoy! 





Etch-A-Sketch laptop cozy

Feel free to add your favorite Christmas memories, craft ideas, or Christmas recipes via MckLinky below.


  1. Awww you linked to one of my projects! Thanks!

    Oh and THANK YOU for posting ideas for stuff to make for men because WOW is that ever hard!

    I had such a terrible time with that last year when I was making all my gifts and I ended up finding The Duct Tape Club - everything made of duct tape. There was some pretty clever stuff on there actually. :)

  2. What great lists you have going here! I always mean to start my Christmas crafting about now and never do. Maybe your lists will inspire me to follow through this year.
    Thanks for linking to my felt dot garland.

  3. My link-up for today is going to be late. *sheepish face*

  4. Wow, what wonderful lists. I will be back to read them all when I have a little more time this weekend. I make all my bath salts, so your snowballs jumped at me. I love them! Stop by this weekend for my CIJ Tablescape Party.

  5. Ohhh, wonderful links, thank you!

  6. wonderful post, I'm here visiting from Maggi's! Merry Christmas in July!!!

  7. Merry Christmas and thank you for all the wonderful ideas to make!!!!! I will be trying quite a few of these!!!! Wishing you a wonderful day!!! :)

  8. great list of great ideas! I'm still "catching" will definitely mark this post to come back too.

    Thanks again :o)