My Girls

I had a lot of fun partaking in the Christmas in July Blog parties last week. They have really gotten me into the Christmas spirit, plus my local radio station has been playing Christmas music all month. It has been great! I don't know why more stations don't play Christmas music throughout the whole year. It is a nice change to hear a little Carpenters in between Flo Rida and Lady Gaga!

A very special thank you to Molly at A Bit 'O Shine for playing along with the week's festivities. Yay Molly! Shoot me an email with your address and I'll send you off a little thank you present!

And welcome to everyone who has become a follower due to these last few blog parties! I hope you enjoy your stay here. You will soon see that I tend to ramble on about a few of my favorite things: the '80s, my kitties, and crafts. And today is no exception. :)

Safe Haven for Cats the shelter where I adopted Daphne from a few weeks ago has started a new blog, and guess who the first post is about:


If you want to read my thank you letter to the shelter it is on their blog, here.

She has really come a long way in the last month, from sitting like a pretty princess on the kitchen island, but constantly being on alert, to this. . .

Yeah, I think she is comfortable in the house now! And that Steelers blanket is a beacon for cats. I guess it's the soft feel or maybe I have just been lucky enough to get cats who are Steelers fans. :)

Drusilla is doing great too. After a bout with the vet last weekend she is finally forgiving me and laying on my lap again.

Thank goodness she doesn't hold a grudge!


  1. Oh, so good to hear that Daphne is at home. I love your white kitchen! I really wanted to participate more in your wonderful series (your wonderful last TWO series) but summer is very tough for me...thanks for all you do, though!

  2. Awww! Well thank YOU! You got me all motivated to start on projects plus you've inspired me to try all kinds of felt and sewing projects that I never would have tried before.

    I did finally get my snowflake garland posted! I had to actually have the right cord for my camera - funny how that works. :-S

    That picture of Daphne on the bed is so cute!

    I always think my cat will hold a grudge for taking her to the vet but usually she's just so grateful that I didn't leave her there that she forgives me. :D