What I've been up to. . .

August 25, 2009

Making . . . Daphne a little cottage out of a cardboard box.
Cooking . . . pierogies and turkey sausage. 
Drinking . . . lots of Twinings Earl Grey tea! Yummy, but not good for my waistline (I'm a sugar junkie).
Reading . . . “Gooseberry Patch Christmas Book 9”, so many cute Christmas craft ideas!
Wanting . . . the Harry Potter CAL/KAL to start today not September 1.
Looking . . . for new fall clothes. I just love Land's End and L.L. Bean!
Playing . . . with Paint Shop Pro.
Wasting . . . time on Blogger :-)
Sewing . . . Halloween bunting.
Wishing . . . I could quit my day job, stay home with my girls, and craft all day long.
Enjoying . . . the latest NCIS marathon, as if I haven't seen every episode over 100 times!
Waiting . . . for the cooler weather to come.
Liking . . . the past few overcast days.
Wondering . . . if I should invest in an iPod Touch.
Loving . . . "Awesome '80s" on iTunes radio.
Hoping . . . I can start putting up my fall decorations this weekend. 
Marvelling . . . at how God always takes care of me.
Needing . . . to really clean my house.
Smelling . . . newly cut grass. Ah-choo!
Wearing . . . brand new contacts. Yay, I can see again.
Following . . . my new workout plan - walking an hour, 5 times a week.
Noticing . . . the leaves on my tree are starting to fall already.
Knowing . . . I really need to organize my craft room, again.
Thinking . . . about what to get Drusilla for her birthday.
Bookmarking . . . lots and lots of Halloween projects.
Opening . . . mail.
Giggling . . . at old episodes of the Golden Girls. 
Feeling . . . a little under the weather, but still plugging along.

Want to tell the world what you've been up to too? Follow the link to Meet Me at Mike's for the list. 

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  1. You've been busy!

    ...would love to see the littlel cottage, and yumm on the pierogies...would love to have some!

    "playing with Paint Shop Pro" yikes! computer programs are a challenge to me...so playing wouldn't be the word at my place. haha love your "wasting & wishing"

    I'm "Marveling" with you! & hopoing you're feeling better!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    This was fun! (will have to keep this in mind for a future post.


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