Belladonna Scarf

I finally finished my first HPKCHC project, Belladonna Scarf, which was crafted for my Herbology class. The professor asked that our projects be plant themed, crafted in 50% or more plant based fiber (I used Sugar and Cream 100% cotton yarn), and a little evil. I think this project covers all of the bases!

"Belladonna" will also be available for sale in my shop this weekend, as soon as I take a few more pictures. I took this one last night, so it's not that bright, plus I missed one of the poisonous berries that is on the bottom of the scarf.

I'm also fooling around with some different types of frames for my post pictures. What do you think of this one? I love the colors and space for text. I do think the text is a little hard to read, but I wanted to pick something Halloween-ish!


  1. That is gorgeous, I will be watching for it, and I hope others like it! PS I love cream and white....:)-

  2. Wow that's gorgeous! And it does have that lovely tinge of evil to it (that didn't sound too oxymoron did it?)

  3. Love the project and the picture frame. Are you going to share your frame source with us? (please)
    Congratulations on your cool class project!

  4. VERY nice! I like the frame, too!