Teeth are fun!

September 18, 2009

Most of the afternoon yesterday was spent in the dentist's office. I don't dread the dentist like so many do, but it still was not fun. 

What is fun, is a bunch of tooth related crafts!

The Purl Bee's Tooth Fairy Bags.

Photo courtesy of CraftStylish.

Photo courtesy of Craft Gossip.

Urban Thread's Smile Embroidery Pattern and Project.

Photo courtesy of Urban Threads.

Patchwork's Tooth Fairy Pillow

Photo courtesy of Patchwork.

Crafty Carnival's Easy Tooth Fairy Pillow. I made mine these last year, and it turned out really cute.
Photo courtesy of me!

Maybe I'll take one of these projects with me to my next dentist appointment in March. 

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  1. I love that urban threads giant smiley tooth. :)

    I don't dread the dentist either (having to be there constantly for braces check-ups probably cured me) but you're right, it's never fun!


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