Craft Room Revamp #3 - Craft Table

For my final craft room revamp project, I decided to bite the bullet and redo my craft table. It is really plain and kind of ugly, so I really wanted to give it a truly awesome makeover.

The one thing I really wanted to add was a table skirt. I bought a white plastic one from Oriental Trading Company after I bought the table, but with one little girl who likes to eat things and the other who likes to scratch things, the table skirt didn't last very long.

The first thing I did was research table covers. After seeing this project and this one I decided I had to go with oilcloth. Unfortunately, my local craft stores don't carry oilcloth, so I knew I would have to order some.

The cutest oilcloth around is found in England. Cath Kidston has the most amazing selection. But, as much as I loved them all I just couldn't see spending $50.00+ on oilcloth. So, with trepidation, I left the Cath Kidston website and searched for oilcloth in the US. I found a great website, Oilcloth Addict, which not only sells oilcloth but also has several free oilcloth tutorials.

After going back and forth about which color to choose, I decided to throw caution to the wind and go with the cherry red with white polkadots.

I really didn't know how it was going to look with my pink room, but I really liked it so I ordered 2 yards.

When I unwrapped it, I was a little afraid because the color was so bright. I figured I really wouldn't be able to tell what it looked like until I got it on the table. So, I laid the oilcloth on the carpet so the back of it was facing up, and then flipped the table over so it was laying on top of the oilcloth.

Next, I took scissors and cut around the table. I really wanted the oilcloth to be seen on the sides too, so I made sure to leave a little extra on the sides so I could fold it and secure it under the table.

Then, I took out my handy dandy packing tape and taped the oilcloth underneath the table. It was really a lot easier than I thought it would be. I finished the entire table by the time Vinnie Vincent Invasion's "Love Kills" and Dokken's "Dream Warriors" was over, about 7 minutes. I was listening to my Halloween playlist at the time. ;)

Since the oilcloth was a lot pricier than my previous craft room revamp projects, it cost $21.00, I wanted to spend very little on the table skirt. I knew I didn't have enough fabric for the table skirt, so I decided to take a peek through my felt. I had forgotten that I had bought several yards of white craft felt for a tree skirt I was going to make this year. Since I knew that was so not going to happen, I decided to use the white felt for the table skirt.

After cutting close to 5 yards of felt, I still have a ton of white felt left over. Not really sure what I can do with it though. As I was cutting it to fit the table, Drusilla decided to lay on it. Needless to say it is covered with black cat hair. That might have been her way of telling me she needs a new blanket or rug!

Once I had the big, long piece cut, I held it up under the lip of the table and measured the height. After I determined the correct height, I took straight pins and pinned the felt. I knew that there was no way I would be able to cut a straight line without having some sort of guide. Yet, even with the guide I still didn't cut a straight line, what a nerd, so I had to tweak my felt a little to get it even.

I really wanted my skirt to have a pleated look, so I bunched the top of the felt about every inch or two and pinned it. I then went back with a needle and embroidery thread and sewed the felt together.

I then took a really long piece of velcro and attached it to the metal piece that is underneath the table. I was going to attach the other piece of velcro to the felt, but realized that felt totally sticks to velcro. So for the final step, I just stuck the velcro to my felt table skirt.

Here is a before picture of my truly ugly craft table.

And here is my totally rad and equally wild revamped craft table.

I was a little unsure of the color at first, but wow does it add some needed color to the room. I really, really love it!

I'm really happy with the way it turned out and just under the wire. My family is coming tonight for Thanksgiving. Talk about last minute. It does look nice along with my other red revamped projects.

Drusilla, Daphne, and I would like to wish everyone in the US a very Happy Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for this year, especially that we are all here to celebrate the day. I'll also be cooking my very first turkey tomorrow, so I will most likely be thankful for the Butterball hotline too. Wish me luck!


  1. I've only somewhat recently become aware of Cath Kidston but she does have the most adorable stuff.

    WOWEE you table looks fantastic! I love red and pink together so I'm sure it looks fantastic (cute chair too!)

    Good luck with the turkey!

  2. What a difference! I'm so impressed!

  3. Wow, I totally have craft room envy!